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We are established in 2002 with its initial business in cast-in-situ EPDM flooring. As an EPDM rubber supplier, we have since grown and expanded rapidly to a reputable name in the industry with regional presence while operating with wide range of flooring solutions.

EPDM Flooring

Brand story - We strive to provide safest and worried free outdoor playscape environment through durable and high quality rubber flooring.

The Art

We treat every piece of playscape flooring as canvas and the EPDM as paints where we piece together to form endless artwork.








Our Footprint

Our market territory covers South East Asian countries, including                                        Malaysia, Philippines, India, Vietnam and Brunei.

Playscape Surface

We offer a one-stop system and solution for all your playscape and flooring needs. Find out how our unique hassle free EKO system fit your playscape needs.

Sports & Fitness Surface

Exercise starts from young and all schools come with at least a sports corner. Find out which of our surfaces fit your fitness zone needs.

EPDM Mulch

Looking for a durable, color-resistant alternative to rubber while still maintaining play safety conditions? Look no further.

Artificial Turf Flooring

Synthetic, fake or artificial grass carpet makes a great idea for home and commercial spaces. Find out how this surfaces fit your needs.

Acrylic Coating

Specially developed for concrete and asphalt surfaces, exhibiting great non-slip properties for all your sporting and recreational needs.

Play Equipment

We’re proud to bring Jambette play into Singapore, one of the industry leader and is undeniably the largest designer of outdoor playground equipment around.

Musical Instrument

Outdoor musical play ticks all the right boxes – it offers cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Sports & Fitness Equipment

We’re proud to bring Jambette fitness into Singapore, one of the industry leader and is undeniably the largest designer of outdoor equipment around.

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