Eco-friendly Flooring

As an EPDM rubber supplier, we offer a one-stop system and solution for all your playscape and flooring needs. Our unique hassle-free EKO concept and eco-friendly flooring provides quality flooring solutions for maximum impact absorption, durability and safety.

With the vision of being the leading provider of eco-friendly flooring solution for outdoor living spaces. KAF Resources Pte Ltd continues to expand its footprints into projects, together with the mission to offer the most cost effective and efficient solutions for playground flooring in Singapore and in Asian countries. We are aware that our service and solution contributes to big part of the landscape and built environment, thus we see importance of taking the lead in creating sustainability and eco-friendly environment.

We rebranded our company to a green-focus company focusing on R&D of eco-friendly solutions and system. We further build up our internal capability in R&D for cost effective and sustainable flooring for communal living spaces such as playgrounds, parks, stadiums, fitness centres etc. EKO®system aka Eco-friendly KAF One-stop-solution, one of the latest systems is launched. 

Green Label Singapore

Our cast-in-situ EPDM Safety Surfacing is awarded the Singapore Green Label every year by the Singapore Environmental Council. The Green Label is an environmental certification awarded by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC). It signifies that a product or service meets specific environmental performance criteria. If there is a mention of “Green Label Singapore EPDM,” it could imply that the EPDM product has obtained Green Label certification in Singapore. This would indicate that the product meets certain environmental standards and may contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly building practices.


How Do I Choose?

Based on critical fall height.

Your flooring thickens as critical fall height increase to improve shock absorption rate. At KAF, we provide alternate solutions with high absorption rate without the need for a thick flooring, eliminating the needs of different height levels and ease of construction.


Spatial function of your design.

Select from our high quality and attractive range of systems and surface products to cover all your spatial needs. We has installed over a thousand of playground, fitness and waterplay flooring, in HDB estates, national parks, private condominiums and schools.

eco-friendly flooring
CFH < 3m

CFH > 3m

Indoor *


Water Park




* For indoor, SBR rubber is not suitable for indoor usage

Fire Resistant Flooring

Standards Complied. Fire-resistant flooring is designed to withstand exposure to fire and high temperatures, providing an additional layer of safety in buildings.

Wet-pour Rubber Flooring

Wet-pour rubber flooring, also known as poured-in-place rubber
surfacing, is a type of rubberized flooring material commonly used in playgrounds, recreational areas, and spaces where a resilient and slip-resistant surface is desired

Elderly Fitness Equipment

Elderly fitness equipment refers to specialized exercise gear designed to meet the unique needs and considerations of older adults. This equipment is tailored to provide safe and effective workouts for seniors, considering factors such as limited mobility, joint issues, balance concerns, and overall comfort. The goal is to promote physical activity, improve strength, enhance flexibility, and support overall well-being in the aging population.

Fitness equipment

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